About Us

They have been called by many names such as laser tag guns, phasers, lazer tag, taggers or just lasers. No matter what you call them, you're going to have a great time with the best equipment available. Unlike paintball, laser tag doesn't hurt so it's more fun for more people.





  • Advanced laser tag that plays similar to shooter video games and paintball.

  • Safe sport that uses infrared like your TV remote, no laser danger.

  • A fun teamwork game/sport.

  • Games can be played anytime of year.

  • We provide all the equipment and supervision needed for great parties or group fun.

  • Age 5 through adult. Younger players may require adult assistance.

  • We are completely mobile. We come to you.


  • ​​​Tactical Laser Tag is not flashlight tag. We use an infrared system that is similar to what the military and law enforcement agencies use for training.

  • The shot is invisible, requiring players to aim to make hits. This encourages players to play smarter take cover, providing a superior game play experience.

  • The sensors that receive the hits are placed on the blaster and on the headbands. That way when you pop out of cover to shoot, you can also be hit.

  • Our pop-up bunkers block the infrared shot so players can hide from opponents, even in open fields.

  • ​The infrared beam is the same light used by your TV remote. There are no health risks.

Mobile Laser Tag - We Come to You!

Shout laugh and Play is a mobile laser tag party service. We come to you! Choose an outdoor or indoor location and we'll set up the best battlefield. Great fun for youth, adult, or both. Private parties and group events. Birthdays, youth groups, colleges, and more. We also have a bounce house service, so you can cater to a larger age range of kids and interests all in one party. Consider upgrading your party to include photography services, so you can be in the moment, instead of trying to capture it.

Event Services - What You Get

  • High tech equipment, player assistance, safety supervision, and officiating of games.

  • We do all the setup, supervision & pack up, to make things very easy for you.

  • Kids and adults alike love Tactical Laser Tag because it combines all the best parts of shooter video games, paintball action, and great fun with your friends.

  • Most games have players participating for the whole game, so no one has to sit out after being eliminated.

  • We offer pop-up bunkers to help maximize the fun with places to hide as you play.

  • Our unique games are great for youth, adults or any combination of both.

  • We offer a variety of Concessions to make your party even better. No hassle for picking up and returning equipment. It all comes to you!